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Are your products natural?

Fuarain Super Active Moisture Cream is 97.6% naturally derived.  We consider naturally derived to be ingredients from botanical, mineral or fermentation sources.  The remaining is comprised of ingredients that nature can’t provide.  Important ingredients in skincare which make it safe for use.  We have worked with leading skincare scientists to ensure that every single ingredient is effective, safe and gentle on the skin.

Is Fuaraìn suitable for vegans?

Yes.  All the ingredients are vegan friendly.

Are your products tested on animals?

No. Never.  

Is your packaging eco friendly?

Yes.  We work hard to minimise the environmental impact of everything we do, and support projects for sustainability.  We use responsibly sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging that can be recycled.  Where possible our packaging is made from recycled materials or from sustainable sources like FSC paper and cardboard.

Is your loose fill packing environmentally friendly?

Yes.  We use EcoFlo loose fill, made from gm free starch and it is 100% biodegradable. It conforms to EN13432, making it suitable for domestic or municipal compost. It will dissolve in water which eliminates the problem of littering. Starch is an annually renewable resource.

How do you deliver Fuarain?

We use Royal Mail to deliver Fuarain in the UK.  Royal Mail work with their international partners to deliver in other parts of the world.

What is the normal delivery time?

In the UK, we normally deliver in 3-4 working day.  EU deliveries normally take 5-7 days, depending on the country.  You will receive a parcel tracking number to allow you to follow the progress of your delivery.

Can you deliver Internationally?

We deliver Fuarain to home addresses in the EU.  Other international destinations will follow soon.

What does the horsetail extract do?

Horsetail has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.  Used traditionally to help heal rashes and wounds it has powerful antimicrobial properties.  Also known as Puzzlegrass.  Scientific name Equisetum.  Helps to develop and maintain healthy connective tissues in the body.  Helps form collagen.

What does heather extract do?

Heather extract (Calluna Vulgaris) is a medicinal plant with skin soothing benefits.  Traditionally, the flowers have been used for their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits.

What is "special" about your water?

Deeside Mineral Water has special properties because of an unusual structure in terms of its natural chemistry and biological properties, caused by the local geology and pure rainfall. It is easy to measure these differences between waters but most people do not realise how important they are to health. There are a number of key factors which make Deeside Water different to other waters and these in turn affect how the water reacts with living cells in our bodies.

Is Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream suitable for sensitive skin?

We have formulated this product with a carefully crafted blend of ingredients, all chosen to be efficacious yet gentle.  It is fragrance free and doesn't contain any known irritants.  However, every skin is different, so always read the full ingredients list before use, and stop use if any irritation occurs.

What skin type is Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream suitable for?

The ingredients in Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream mean that is suitable for most skin types.

Does Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream contain sunscreen?

There is no SPF in Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream.  We would always recommend the use of a broad spectrum sunscreen as part of your daily skin routine.

How do I use Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream?

Use Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream as part of your daily skin regime, morning and evening after cleansing.  Sweep on to cleansed skin and gently pat in any excess with your ring finger.  We like to think of it as having a little moment of calm at the beginning and end of every day.

Where can I find out more about Deeside Mineral Water?

Please visit www.deesidewater.co.uk for more details or email info@deesidewater.co.uk and we will get back to you.


Where are you located?

We are located near the historic village of Ballater in the Cairngorms National Park, a beautiful and unspoilt part of the Scottish Highlands.  This area is also known as Royal Deeside as Balmoral Castle is nearby.

Do you supply to trade or export customers?

Yes.  Please email us on info@fuaranskincare.com or fill in the contact form and we will contact you.