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Is Your Skin Ready for winter

What does a change of season mean for you?  As the temperature drops, it might involve a cosy new jumper, a warm bath, or turning the heating up a few degrees.  In the same way we adjust our clothes and homes to the cold, it’s also a good idea to make a few changes to your skincare routine.

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Listen to your skin

Colder weather and central heating can be challenging for skin.  You might notice that it gets drier or more sensitive. See how your skin feels after cleansing.  If it’s tight in any way, then you might want to look at changing the product you use.  Moisturising is a must, and it’s time to switch the light summer lotions for something a little richer or with a thicker texture.  If you have any irritation, consider trying a gentle fragrance free formulation. 

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It is important to protect and restore the skin's natural defences during the colder months. Choose a super hydrating cream to help replenish lost moisture levels.

Facial Massage + Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Spend some time on facial massage.  Even just 30 seconds, morning and evening, can help to improve circulation and combat dull, tired looking skin.  Start from the middle of your face and move outwards, using light sweeping motions.  Close your eyes for a few moments, and take a few deep breaths.

Dermatologists suggest keeping moisture in the air as much as possible.  Drink an extra glass of water, or try a humidifier to counteract the effects of central heating.

Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream is the perfect antidote to the ravages of the winter elements.  Rich in texture and supremely hydrating for beautiful results, whatever the weather.  

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