Sealed jar of Fuarain Skin Cream made with Deeside Water, in a ploom of heather and natural elements

Korean skincare {K-beauty} & Fuarain

From YouTube beauty gurus, Insta Influencers and beauty media, K-beauty is taking the world by storm.

Korean consumers are some of the most demanding skincare consumers in the world. They don’t settle just for flawless skin and a low-key glow, it has to be porcelain smooth, radiant, and completely immaculate. High standards!

But, working hard to meet those impossible demands is what keeps Korean skincare products ahead of the curve, and is why Korean shoppers are very devoted to their skincare routines, constantly trying new products on a quest to achieve outstanding results.


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A main philosophy of Korean skincare is that prevention is better than cure. There is no waiting for fine lines or age spots to appear, but rather they are taught to apply moisturiser and sunscreen at a very young age. For many, skincare regimes are a multi-step process and takes a fair amount of time & effort. The goal is both immediate and long-lasting results, to maintain skin health, to protect and hydrate the skin and achieve a glowing, radiant complexion.

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Korean skincare and beauty are steeped in a tradition of gentle formulations that have been proven over generations. Modern Korean beauty avoids drying or harsh ingredients, and there are interesting developments in natural oils, fruit acids, and botanical extracts that nourish the skin. 

South Korea has had a long friendship with Deeside Mineral Water, which is at the heart of Fuaraìn skincare. Korean customers have been enjoying the Scottish water from Royal Deeside, known for its hydration qualities and powerful antioxidant properties, for many years.

We are working to make Fuarain Super Active Moisture Cream available to some of the most demanding consumers in the world. 

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