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The team behind Fuaraìn

Fuaraìn Skincare is the result of many conversations and connections over a number of years.  At the heart is a small, dedicated team of passionate individuals, united by a very special water and a desire to develop beautiful, efficacious skincare. 



Fuarain Skincare

Co-founders Martin Simpson of The Deeside Water Company and Sarah Clark-Martin, a leading Beauty Industry Expert, first met over 10 years ago when Martin was promoting Deeside Mineral Water as an active ingredient in skincare.

Years later, in 2018, Martin approached Sarah to help develop a skincare range based on the special water.

Martin had a feeling (and extensive evidence) that Deeside Mineral Water could be the basis for an exciting and different skincare range.

Combining the water as a potent active ingredient, the incredible history and heritage of the water and Sarah’s expertise in beauty and skincare, they set out to develop the most effective and beautiful skincare formulations.

The formulation work began with a prototype from leading medical herbalist Brian Lamb; a long-time friend of The Deeside Water Company.  Brian used his knowledge of wild crafted natural botanical actives to develop a beautiful, effective product with the water at the heart.  As the product moved into clinical and scientific testing to gather efficacy data and scientific evidence, Brian's original recipe remained largely unchanged. 

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Dr Susannah Fraser

Dr Susannah Fraser is an Aberdeen-born consultant dermatologist who completed her medical training in Edinburgh.  In the 14 years since she became a board-certified dermatologist, she has nurtured her passion for helping people living with acute and chronic skin complaints, and, having personally suffered from acne in her youth, she has long harboured a desire to work on a skincare range with proven clinical benefits.

Susannah first encountered Fuarain as a customer.  She was so impressed with Fuarain’s Super Active Moisture Cream and its positive effect on her skin that she made contact with the company to offer some dermatological support and input.  Over time, her role evolved and has culminated in her being appointed Fuarain’s Clinical Director.

Sarah Clark-Martin, beauty product expert, brand specialist and Fuarain co-founder

Tom Fraser

Fuarain is very much a family business.  Tom is Susannah’s brother, and, when he heard of Susannah’s enthusiasm for Fuarain’s Super Active Moisture Cream and its associated clinical benefits, he wanted to help her pursue her dream of bringing it to a wider audience. 

Tom is Fuarain’s Managing Director, and brings to the role a wealth of business knowledge and sales acumen from a 15 year career in global financial markets.  He is also an avid amateur historian of Aberdeenshire and Royal Deeside in particular, and has been captivated by the health-giving heritage of the healing springs at Pannanich since first drinking Deeside Water as a teenager. 

Sarah Clark-Martin, beauty product expert, brand specialist and Fuarain co-founder

Martin Simpson

Martin Simpson is Managing Director of The Deeside Water Company, which he founded in 1996 with his father, George.  From humble origins, hand-filling bottles of water from the sacred springs that have been on the site for centuries, the business has grown to supply prestigious customers around the world.  There has been extensive coverage in the press about the benefits of Deeside Mineral Water to health and wellbeing.

As 'caretaker' of the springs for over 25 years, Martin works tirelessly to secure the sustainability of this unique natural resource.  Protecting the springs, the water and preserving the area for future generations drive the company’s mission.

Running a conscious, ethical business is important to Martin; inclusive working practices, teamwork, self-development and mindfulness are important for everyone.

Martin Simpson, Aberdeen, Deeside Water Managing Director

Sarah Clark-Martin

Sarah Clark-Martin has been working in beauty brand and product development for over 15 years.  The first 10 years were spent inside the world's largest health & beauty group - Walgreens Boots Alliance - developing and managing Global Beauty Brands.  In 2015 she started freelance consulting to balance the work she loves with her young family. 

During this time, Sarah has had the privilege to work with numerous beauty & lifestyle brands, from start-ups to global clients and many in between, and is a regular guest lecturer in brand marketing.  From a chance meeting with Martin Simpson over 10 years ago, she is now unbelievably proud to be a part of Fuaraìn Skincare with The Deeside Water Company.

Sarah Clark-Martin, beauty product expert, brand specialist and Fuarain co-founder

Formulated by Brian Lamb

Brian Lamb is Scotland's longest practicing Medical Herbalist and a member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists.  After an early career in electronic engineering, he began formal study of medical herbalism in 1982 with an intensive 5 year training course at the College of Phytotherapy in Tunbridge Wells, Kent before establishing his clinic in Scotland.  

From the beginning of his practice, he developed an interest in dermatology and the topical application of medicinal herbs. Seeing the action of botanicals on a range of common skin diseases, this knowledge was applied to skincare and cosmetics. 

Brian has used Deeside Mineral Water as the basis for his tinctures for many years, and have found it to be particularly beneficial in treating skin conditions.  It was this first-hand experience that he used to develop the first prototype for Fuaraìn skincare. This special water is therapeutic, and even healing, comprising of qualities that make it very different from ordinary water. 

The water is blended with two of the most interesting botanical herbs for skincare, Calluna Vulgaris and Equisetum Arvense in a formulation which has the minimum number of ingredients, but all work together to incredible effect.

Listen to Brian explain his approach to Fuaraìn, and his interest in Deeside Mineral Water:

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