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Miracle Waters

Surrounded by glorious countryside, Ballater is a picturesque village in the heart of Royal Deeside, situated in the beautifully unspoilt Cairngorms National Park, home to Fuaraìn Skincare and our Super Active Deeside Mineral Water.

The water flows from the ancient healing springs of Pannanich Wells, two miles east of Ballater and only a few miles from Balmoral Castle.

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The Super Active Water used in our cream has health benefits recorded from as far back as 1760, with the Aberdeenshire spa town of Ballater growing up to accommodate visitors who came to take the “miracle waters”. 

Deeside Water’s purity and long history of healthy qualities are thanks to the local geology, which produces a mineral water that is unusually low in minerals, giving a clean, fresh taste and wonderfully smooth texture.

The water emerges under its own pressure from the artesian springs after filtering gently underground for 50 years, protected deep underground, collecting the unique qualities that make it one of the purest in the world.

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Deeside Mineral Water flows naturally from ancient healing springs at the remote Pannanich Wells, once part of the estate of the Knights of St. John in the Scottish Highlands.

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