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Try incorporating this to your evening routine with our top 7 tips for facial massage

Spend just 30 seconds in the morning or evening on some gentle face massage which can help improve circulation and combat dull, tired looking skin. 

Close your eyes and take long, meaningful, deep breaths, and a cool Jade Facial Roller makes this process even more relaxing.

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  1. Clean your hands and face
  2. Warm your oil, serum or moisturiser between your hands and fingers
  3. Use gentle – but firm pressure to massage your face
  4. Massage under your ears and all along the side of your neck
  5. Press fingers above your brow area and slowly slide upwards
  6. Gently press with your fingers under eyes and slide towards the temples
  7. Use light, upward strokes to massage your neck and décolleté
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Our expert Dermatologist, Dr Susannah Fraser, suggests keeping your skin hydrated as much as possible, as well as keeping ourselves hydrated. “Try drinking an extra glass of water when you wake up, or before you go to bed, you’ll be amazed at how simple but effective this can be."

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