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The Importance of a good routine

As a consultant dermatologist, I should know better, but I have purchased serums and creams which promise to give me an enviable glow. Unfortunately, these have often ended up at the bottom of a drawer, because they simply have not lived up to my expectations. It is important to simplify skincare, and also to know what suits your individual skin type. Your skin type is also likely to change as you age, and the oily skin of the teenage years may be replaced by a more dehydrated complexion.

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Cleansing is an essential first step, and I will often use a gentle foaming cleanser in the morning. At night I have enjoyed trying cleansing oils and balms, which feel very nourishing, and can also be massaged into the skin before rinsing. Sometimes a second cleansing step can help to get rid of stubborn make up or sunscreen. A gentle toner once or twice a day can help to sweep away dead skin cells, and I like to use fruit acids or alpha-hydroxy acids, which act as a chemical exfoliant. As a teenager, I have memories of using a facial scrub with small granules in it, but this can feel rather aggressive, particularly on more sensitive skin.

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At night I like to use a retinol a couple of times a week, and tend to buffer this with my Fuarain Super Active Moisture Cream in order to counteract any dryness. There are so many retinols on the market, with different strengths and price points, but if you find them too harsh on your skin, you can try bakuchiol, which is plant-derived, and has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It has a similar function to retinol and can increase cell turnover, and potentially stimulate collagen production and reduce signs of ageing. I do love a face mask now and then! For congested skin and breakouts, a clay mask can work wonders, and I also love using a sheet mask which is so hydrating on the skin, and good to use before a special occasion.

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Fuarain Super Active Moisture Cream is an essential step in my routine, twice a day. It gives that rapid surge in hydration after a single application, but also gives longer term results when used twice daily for 6 weeks. Not only is hydration improved, but we see an overall reduction in wrinkle depth, which is really impressive. Visit www.fuarainskincare.com to read more, and follow us on social media.