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The Skin Barrier and Hydration

Even though the clocks changed this weekend, and spring has officially started, the weather remains decidedly bleak. During winter, very cold temperatures can wreak havoc on our skin, and central heating can do the same, so our skin can often be very dry and dehydrated.

The change in season can be confusing to our skin as well, however the skin barrier function remains really important all year round. The skin barrier protects us from external stressors, and also regulates water loss from the inside out. It can be helpful to think of the outer layer like a ‘bricks and mortar’ model. In conditions like eczema, the barrier function is disrupted and skin gets dry, which can then lead to inflammation developing. Even skin which doesn’t feel dry can be dehydrated, and lacking moisture.

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Our Fuarain Super Active Moisture Cream uses the naturally healing waters from Pannanich Wells in the Cairngorms. This special water has unique properties which make it anti-inflammatory, and as the molecule cluster size is smaller, it makes it easier to penetrate into the skin. We have some exciting clinical studies demonstrating that hydration of the skin is boosted by an impressive 47% after a single application of the product, when measured 4 hours after application. The benefits can also be seen after twice daily use over 6 weeks, where a 35% increase in hydration compared to untreated skin*.

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*Based on a study of 30 women aged 19-61, carried out by Derma Consult Concept GmbH in Bonn, Germany, using a Corneometer MPA 5 CPU to measure change in hydration levels.