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Water is not Just water

We know that water is important. Our body is approximately 70% water and our brain 90%, but not all waters were created equal. Quality varies from source to source and no two waters are the same.

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Water is not just Water

Water is our largest single source of daily nutrition and plays a vital role in human biochemistry and health. It is the basis of all life and performs many vital functions, but how much do we know about the water we drink?

Many of us are fortunate to have access to clean water from the taps in our homes or to bottled water from our supermarkets. It is no surprise that we now consider water to be a commodity. The common misconception is that water is just water!

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Natural Mineral Water; a natural unprocessed product, protected from pollution, with its own terroir reflecting the geology and circumstances of its origins. It is intrinsically connected to the source.

Taste, Terroir and Water Sommeliers

Natural Mineral Water has character, or "terroir" similar to that of wine. "Terroir" is French for area or region and this gives the wine characteristics that are linked to that specific place.

With water, this character is made up of the minerals absorbed as it filters naturally through rock and soil on its way to the surface.

These minerals give the water its uniqueness and flavour. It will also slightly determine the clarity of the water and even, for the fine noses, the smell of the water. It is this level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) or Dry Residue that gives each water its taste profile.

Minerality of water is measured in mg/l and ranges from the super low ( 0-50mg/l to the super high at over 1,500mg/l. For anyone sceptical about the differences in taste we would invite them to taste a super low TDS water (0-50mg/l) and compare this with a super high TDS water (1,500 mg/l and over). 

Don't just take our word for it. There is now a growing movement of Water Sommeliers who believe that "Fine Water" deserves its place next to fine wine. You can now find "water menus" in many high end restaurants, bringing together some of the finest waters in the the world.

So the next time you turn on the tap, remember that water is not just water. 

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