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The sacred artesian spring from which our super active water flows has long been associated with health and well-being.  From the first documented reference in 1760, to the growing body of clinical research, there is a rich and intriguing history to discover.

Pannanich Wells

It is well documented that in 1760, a local woman suffering from scrofula, a fatal ailment of the day which caused severe skin sores and ultimately death, was led to bathe in the waters of Pannanich Wells - the ancient name of our sacred spring.

Despite the alarmist attentions of her neighbours, she continued her daily ritual of drinking and bathing in the water and was said to be completely cured.  Word began to spread and visitors flocked to the springs.

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A Royal connection

The springs nestle in the beautiful Royal Deeside Valley, only a few miles from Balmoral Castle, the Scottish home of the British Royal Family, and have welcomed many an important visitor over the years.

Queen Victoria drank the waters on more than one occasion and wrote of them in her Highland Journals.  John Brown, who was to become the Queen's famous Royal gamekeeper worked on the adjacent site when it was a stable. 

Other famous visitors include Lord Byron, who made a return trip with his mother in 1795, having first visited the springs as a child, and Sir Walter Scott who documented his experience in 1822.

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Healing Waters

Towards the end of the 18th Century, a surgeon was in attendance at the springs, and devised a prescription of appropriate doses to be taken for a variety of ailments. 

He suggested it should be drunk first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and a brisk walk should follow the "treatment". 

It was frequently noted that the water had a medical benefit when applied externally as well as internally, and you can still see evidence of bath houses near the springs.

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A hidden treasure

The advent of modern medicine led to a decline in the popularity of curative springs around the UK from the mid 1800s. As attitudes and opinion changed, gradually the visitors declined.  The waters continued to flow and be used by smaller numbers of visitors over the years.

The site became unused and lay empty for many years until 1987, when the historic Inn was restored and the springs reinstated.

In 1994 a chance visit to the springs led to the start of our family business. Focusing first on the production of premium Mineral Water, we have been able to continue to share the positive health benefits with the world.  

Fuaraìn skincare is the next chapter in this rich and colourful story.

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For centuries, people travelled to this special place to drink and bathe in the “miracle waters”, seeking healing and rejuvenation of their skin and physical ailments, whilst enlivening their spirit.

As Dr John Ogilvie wrote in 1795:

I've seen the sick to health return,

I've seen the sad forget to mourn,

I've seen the lame their crutches burn,

And loup and fling at Pannanich.


I've seen the auld seem young and frisky,

Without the aid of ale or whisky,

I've seen the dullest hearts grow brisky,

At blithesome, helpful Pannanich.

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