Tranquillity and spirit; a feeling you can’t quite describe. We call it energy. Very real, but hard to quantify, there is "something special" in this water.

Living water

Water is often referred to as having a vibrancy, an energy or a life force.  Living waters from healing springs were once very common, revered for their beneficial properties.  Very few sources of pristine water exist today, but our springs still have the special qualities of centuries ago.

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Beyond the surface

When we slow down to reflect quietly, to meditate or go within, we find ourselves in a tranquil place where we experience a beautiful stillness.  People talk about being more aware of their intuition, consciousness or connection with spirit. 

It is this part of us that flows with something greater to provide insights, understanding and inner peace that goes well beyond the thoughts and feelings of our rational brain.

This is the feeling found around the sacred springs.  It goes beyond the breathtaking unspoilt, natural surroundings.  It is the water and something far greater that flows within it. 

Beneficial at a deeper level, these energetic properties are the heart and soul of Fuaraìn skincare.  

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A sacred spring

This is blessed water from a sacred healing spring. The name "Fuaraìn" is in fact inspired by the Scots Gaelic for spring.

A scarce and precious resource, this is living water with a vitality which has energised users for hundreds of years.

We are mindful of our responsibility to nature, and always strive to work with integrity.  In everything we do, we are working to protect and preserve this special water and the springs forever.

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An Invitation to Slow down

Documented from as early as 1760, visitors came to the springs to enjoy the healing water and to rejuvenate themselves by slowing down and finding their inner peace. 

The feeling of peace and calm lead to greater self awareness and consciousness. 

People who seek deeper meaning from life have told us they experience this water as a very powerful light which touches them at a spiritual level that we do not see, but can feel. 

We hope you feel it too.

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In order to find balance in an increasingly unbalanced world, we should align ourselves, our bodies and our skin with nature.